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I am a 15 years old and a Sophmore at Ferris High school. I live with my mom in Spokane, WA and very intersted in art!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beyond! Harder than "that hard"

All of us on the summit

Ready to go backpackin on the moutain

Beautiful isn't it

The beauty that God has created

There are no words to explain

Me and Carly on top of the Summit

Malibu Canda 2010

I am back and ALIVE!!! I can't believe it! After, 9 days on that moutain, I was huffin and puffin my way down saying I can't wait to be back home! I was kind of wishing to be Dorthy and clicking my shoes 3 times and being whisked away to home. But no I had to climb the moutain. It was cool because at that moment I really didn't know what I was getting myself into. Once we were at base camp I was like oh this is okay I can do this. But after they dropped us off like Survior I knew there was no turning back! Even when you were carrying like 60 lbs. of equipment on your back I still did it, I won't lie, but I did cry. But besides the scenery was abousultely breath-taking. And I am very glad that my mom gave me the opurtunity to go. Malibu was just the abouslute place to be where you can connect with God and just see the beauty that he created. I also very enjoyed our solo time. Now solo time, is where our Guide takes you out in the wilderness alone and drops you off and leaves you out there for about 14 hours. Nice I know!! I thought it was great experience I actually did a little chanting and Indian dance........nope not a chance! Otherwise it was awesome, it was struggle it was a risk. I fell, I was scared, I thought I was gonna die at times, but I didn't. There were times I just broke down because it was too much. It felt good once I reached that SUMMIT!! I was on top of the World!! It felt good, I felt like flying, and right when I was going up that summit the first thing out of my mouth. "Where's the helicopter" LOL!! Take a good guess, no we had to climb back down the moutain. I didn't think about that I just sat there talking to the girls saying that WE MADE IT!! But there is a lot to our adventure. I got to rapel which was awesome, we got to have some very good and loving bonding by knowing our scent. Yeah our SCENT.............? No I'm not gonna explain I think you got the picture, without makeup or any cleasing products our life has ended. But I guess it thought a good lesson. It was a good way to have people look at you without makeup that covers up your true self. But it was BLAST and there was just so much. Oh you might actually want to know so how did I use the restroom well when your up in the moutain it is called BIFF (Bathroom in forest floor) So you heard that we didn't have cleasing so we had to use leaves, rocks, and snow. I preferred snow. I do have to admit it was a bit chilly willy!! It was full of experiences and things I thought I would never do before but I did it and I am here to share it with you!! Enjoy the pics:D

I'm Back!!!

Hello Everyone I am very sorry for not being on. I know it's been about a year, but I can tell you that I will start posting pictures of me and the family. It may be a little hard that I am now going to start 10th grade on September 2nd, but I won't let that stop me. Now, that you've heard, I am going to be a Sophmore, YEAH! It is very exciting. Knowing that I've had a blog for a year, I can't start backwards so I am going to share my journey from here. To bring you up to speed, I've moved from Queen Creek, AZ to Spoakne, WA to live with my Aunt and Uncle who have been very generous and let us stay until my mom finds a job. Yes, my mom have not found a job yet, but please keep us in your prayers that she will soon find a job and be happy with it. We have started going to church Southside Christian Church which is just fabulous and we couldn't have found a more perfect church. Plus I've actually just got back from a moutineering trip with the Southside Chrisitan Church Youth Group, where I've made lot's of friends. And I will totally post pictures of the trip. For 9 days we were up in Malibu, Canda which is part of the Young Life community. Yeah so I am very excited to tell you all about that. So far things have been going really great. And I hope to keep you posted on the more upcoming events!! Tata for now...

Monday, June 22, 2009

We Are Here

We have arrived. Not sure about mom, but Destiny survived. We got here yesterday and will keep all of you posted on our progress as we go!